Financial & Legal Advisors

We’re your charitable partner here in Juneau.

Whether your profession is estate planning, financial planning, wealth management, accounting, or something else, you have clients who make charitable contributions.  Often they want informed advice and assistance with reaching their charitable goals.  They want to know how to give wisely and that their gift will make a difference.

We can partner with you to ensure they make smart decisions tax-wise, understand their options for giving back to their community, and make an impact on local issues, services and opportunities that matter to them.

Local advisors have acknowledged the benefits to their clients of our giving vehicles, knowledge of community issues, and connections with the community.

We can help make your job easier and your client’s giving more satisfying. We provide a personal approach to our donors, taking time to understand what they want to do, building a trusting relationship, and helping each one determine what is right for them.

We have provided some documents to help with questions you may have.

We are here to help you… and your clients.

Call us if you would like a fund agreement template.