Arts Vibrancy Endowment


New Grant Program for Juneau Artists! Juneau Community Foundation announces a new hometown grant program for local artists, the 2020 Individual Artist Awards. Deadline is October 15, 2020. Application information here.


Arts Vibrancy Endowment

Juneau’s vibrant arts scene and rich cultural history are among our city’s clear strengths. The two are often intertwined, such as in the many expressions of Northwest Coast Native art that can be found throughout Southeast. In study after study, the arts have been shown to be beneficial in promoting social connectedness, building bridges between diverse populations, engaging students, and stimulating personal growth and community involvement. In addition, the arts contribute significantly to our local and regional economy.

  “Artists and arts organizations are a key part of the Southeast Alaska economy. They create products and perform services. They generate spending and attract audiences, who in turn spend money at restaurants, hotels, and other local businesses. Artists impact education, and by positively contributing to the quality of life, they attract young people to the region, and help retain those who are here.” — The Arts Economy of Southeast Alaska, Southeast Conference Report by Rain Coast Data

For generations now, Juneauites have created and maintained a high degree of artistic ingenuity, expression, and grassroots energy. Through the Arts Vibrancy Endowment, the Juneau Community Foundation strives to help create and maintain dynamic and accessible arts and culture opportunities for generations to come. Board leaders with community support are committed to building a $4 million endowment for this purpose. This fund will be developed by individuals and businesses pooling resources to achieve greater community impact in the arts. This endowment will be able to address the changing needs and opportunities of arts and culture projects, organizations, and programs in our town.

The Arts Vibrancy Endowment will support these art forms and their intrinsic cultural expressions.

Visual Arts



You can help build the endowment by joining other civic-minded people who believe that supporting this vital aspect of our community improves our lives today and for generations to come.

  “We are excited that again, Juneau is listed in the Southern Methodist University’s list of the Top Ten Culturally Vibrant Small Cities – and 6th in the nation out of 933 cities on the Creative Vitality Index this year.” — Nancy DeCherney, Juneau Arts & Humanities Council, Executive Director

Foundation Support for Arts & Culture

Since 2005, the Juneau Community Foundation has invested more than $1,400,000 in grants to over 40 arts and culture organizations and projects. This track record illustrates our longstanding commitment to this sector. Going forward our commitment, with your help, is to build a large enough endowment to yield significant annual financial support for the arts in our hometown. Juneau is and has been a wonderful home for so many of us. Your donation to the Arts Vibrancy Endowment, will provide support for this essential sector now and for future generations.

Several Funds of the Juneau Community Foundation have played a big part in making this support of art and culture possible. Join us in building a permanent charitable fund for arts in our town, the Arts Vibrancy Endowment, so together we can continue and expand our support.

Board Leaders & Community Champions

Board leaders and Community Champions are passionate about the arts in our hometown, give financially, ask others to give, and if interested, help steward investments in the arts sector.

Foundation Board Leaders: Sandro Lane, Eric Kueffner, Thyes Shaub.

Community Champions: Linda Rosenthal, Katie Corbus, Ron and Kathy Maas, Bob Banghart, Alison Browne.

To Donate

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