Bassett and Olsen

Eric Olsen and Vicki Bassett

For many years, Eric Olsen made the health of Juneau’s citizens a priority through his work as a local doctor. Now retired, he and his wife Vicki Bassett continue to address this need by contributing to the Juneau Community Foundation’s Health Field of Interest Fund.

“There are many things we’re interested in —the church, the trails, the fine arts. But I decided, at least for now, my share of our giving to the Foundation will be for health,” Eric said. “I worked hard in the health field and there’s a lot I didn’t accomplish. There’s a lot more to work on.”

The Foundation’s Health Fund directly supports the efforts of local organizations, including the Front Street Community Health Center, Hospice and Home Care, and the Juneau Suicide Prevention Coalition. In giving to these groups through the Foundation, Eric and Vicki are following the examples of their parents in fulfilling what they see as a civic duty to their community.

“You don’t have to give millions to be useful in this world,” said Eric. “Vicki and I, we’re not super rich, but we’re able to give modestly. It makes me feel good, and I think it’s an obligation I have to our town and to the world.”

Consider making a gift to the Health Fund that will make a difference today and tomorrow.

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“We both grew up with it. My dad is 95 and he’s still giving.” —Eric