Dick and Candy Behrends

Dick and Candy Behrends give charitably in order to help enrich their community—home to an extended family including their grandson. They are strong supporters of the arts, an interest exemplified by Candy’s involvement on the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council board of directors. “We think the arts are vital for our community,” she said.

Generations carrying on…

Dick earned a first-hand appreciation for the impact of others’ generosity as a kid growing up in Juneau. “We didn’t have a lot of money. When I couldn’t do trips with the Boy Scouts, there would be people who would pay for me to go, or all of a sudden there would be a pack sitting on my porch,” he recalled. The Behrends’ generous support of the Scouts includes a cabin at Eagle River built in honor of their late son, Mac.

…a legacy of giving.

The Juneau Community Foundation’s Arts & Culture Field of Interest Fund supports a variety of arts programs in Southeast Alaska. The Behrends choose to give through the Foundation, because they know their donation will be channeled to worthwhile projects.

Listen to Their Story

“My dad wasn’t a philanthropist so much, but he did believe in giving back—because, he said, you never know when you could be in that situation.” — Candy Behrends