Forever Friends SLAM


Sharing Alaska’s Historical and Cultural Resources with Future Alaskans

Jackie Manning, Chris Taylor, Sebastian and the critter is a Desmo (Ounalashkastylustomidae).

Alaskans thrive on community. We love having interesting places to visit, cultural programs and artistic expressions that expand our minds, and historic collections that capture Alaska’s unique and colorful past. All of these can be found at the Alaska State Library, Archives and Museum (SLAM), located in the heart of Alaska’s capital city. What does the future hold for the SLAM? State government funding for the SLAM to preserve and display Alaska’s history, art and culture is uncertain. How can Alaskans today invest in a future State Library, Archives and Museum that provides vibrant and meaningful historic, cultural and artistic acquisitions, displays and events?

Over the last 50 years the mission of the Friends of the Alaska State Library, Archives and Museum (FoSLAM) has been to connect people to Alaska’s diverse history, art and cultures through the Alaska State Library, Archives and Museum. The annual state government budget currently funds the building’s staff and physical operations. However, FoSLAM donations provide funds for public exhibition programs, acquisitions, and special events. In 2019 the Forever Friends of the Alaska State Library, Archives and Museum Endowment Fund was established to provide a long-term funding source for SLAM special events, guest speakers and artists, and purchase of statewide historical objects and fine art work that are beyond what the annual State of Alaska budget can provide.

The endowment fund is managed by the Juneau Community Foundation with the goal of a $1 million corpus that would generate an annual revenue return of $50,000 in perpetuity. An initial $40,000 investment with the Juneau Community Foundation was approved by the FoSLAM Board of Directors to capitalize the endowment fund.

You can help ensure that future Alaskans can experience Alaska’s rich historical and cultural resources by donating to the “Forever Friends of the Alaska State Library, Archives and Museum Endowment Fund”. In addition to a one-time donation, consider a recurring donation, such as all or part of the mandatory required minimum distribution from your traditional 401 (k) or other IRA required by the Internal Revenue Service when you are 70 1/2 years old. Instead of receiving a part of that taxable minimum distribution, you can make a more meaningful tax free contribution to the FOREVER FRIENDS ENDOWMENT FUND. 100% of your minimum distribution will support State Library, Archives and Museum programs that preserve, display and honor Alaska’s history, art and culture into the future. Talk to your financial advisor to learn about the different options available to make a lasting legacy, even apart from an outright bequest in your will to the Alaska State Library, Archives and Museums for future generations.


To Donate

Donate by credit card via the link below or make your checks payable to: Juneau Community Foundation, 350 North Franklin Street, Suite 4, Juneau, AK 99801. Remember to include your name and address so that you can receive your tax deduction letter.

Please consider adding 3% to your donation to cover the online transaction.