Fund – Juneau Social Services Fund

Social Services Fund

All across our region, social service professionals and volunteers are providing essential services for people in need on a daily basis. Whether it’s addressing the complex challenges of substance abuse, providing relief for victims of violence, or finding ways to improve end-of-life care, local non-profit organizations and government agencies provide critical programs and services for individuals and families. The Foundation supports these services by acting as a catalyst for collaborative efforts, bringing people together to identify community priorities and work more efficiently to tackle serious social issues including homelessness, mental health, and suicide prevention.

The Juneau Community Foundation’s Social Service Fund provides lasting benefits for people in need by consolidating your donations with those of others. Through the fund, individuals and businesses pool their resources to achieve greater community impact through a range of social service related projects, organizations and programs. By joining other civic minded people, you help build funds to support these critical services in our community today and in the future.