Fund Types

Fund Types

Field of Interest Funds allow donors to invest in a specific area of interest, such as the arts, culture, youth, education, health, social services, recreation – instead of a specific organization. This type of fund is popular with donors who feel passionately about these essential elements of a healthy society and want to continue to support these non-profit service providers into the future. (click here for a list of funds)


Donor, Family & Corporate Advised Funds make it easy for you to actively participate in grant making. You name the fund, identify advisors, and recommend grants to selected areas of interest or organizations. The grants are issued in the name of the fund, or anonymously, if you prefer. Your gift can be placed into an endowment that is invested over time with earnings used to make community impact grants. In this way, your gift and all future earnings are a continuing source of community capital, doing good work for many years to come. Advised funds can be set up by an individual, family, or a group of people. A gift of cash, appreciated stocks, real estate, or other assets is made and a fund is set up in the donor’s name or in honor of any person or organization the donor chooses. (click here for a list of funds)


Donor Directed Endowment Funds enable you to establish an endowment where a portion of the earnings supports a specific organization or program that you wish to support for years to come. (click here for a list of funds)


Community/Special Project Funds are started by individuals or groups of individuals to support a specific community project of limited duration. (click here for a list of funds)


Scholarship Funds offer you the opportunity to support students based on criteria that you choose. (click here for a list of funds)


Organization Endowment Funds are established by nonprofit organizations with 501 (c)(3) status to provide them with income and budget stability. These organizations build their endowments in an investment pool with other nonprofit funds at the Foundation. The Fund is established by the agency which recommends grants. Typically, an organization uses the earnings on their fund to pay for general operations while keeping the principal intact. (click here for a list of funds)


Memorial Funds provide a meaningful and lasting way to honor loved ones, family and friends who have passed away. Call us and we can establish a memorial fund over the phone. Memorial funds are often shorter-term funds to fund a community project or program. Use of these funds is usually directed by a family member. (click here for a list of funds)


Unrestricted contributions to the Juneau Community Foundation are gifts that help us make grants, fund community projects, grow a community endowment, and offset general operating costs. The Foundation’s board of directors determine how best to use unrestricted funds. This is a good option if you have many charitable interests and want to provide the Foundation with the greatest flexibility. (click here for a list of funds)


Click here for a list of all Foundation Funds by fund type.