Grant – CBJ Social Services

CBJ Social Service Grant Funding

The City and Borough of Juneau Social Service Grant Program was established by the CBJ Assembly, which provides annual appropriations to the program. It is anticipated that the Assembly will provide approximately $827,000 for the 2016 grant award cycle. These grants are for 501(c)3 non-profit organizations to support services to people in Juneau in the following areas:


  1. Access to Health Care (affordable healthcare, insurance coverage)
  2. Suicide Prevention
  3. Substance Abuse (treatment/prevention)
  4. Infants and Toddlers (prenatal care, pediatric care, nutrition)
  5. Seniors (access to healthcare, prescription medicine, mobility, end of life care, adult daycare)
  6. People with Disabilities (access to care, integration into community)



  1. Readiness to Learn (literacy fundamentals for all ages)
  2. Early Elementary Performance (reading, writing)
  3. Success in High School (dropout/graduation rate, disproportionally)
  4. Community Building in Schools (student volunteers, parent engagement)


Income Stability

  1. Access to Employment (access to childcare, quality of care)
  2. Shelter and Housing (supported/transitional housing emergency shelter, cost of living)
  3. Poverty (food, clothing, shelter)
  4. Young Adult Stability (employment, teen pregnancy)
  5. Family Stability (adult/mentor support and availability, domestic violence)


These funds cannot be used for capital projects. There is no set minimum or maximum grant funding level. The Foundation requests, but does not require, potential applicants to submit a letter of interest using the Letter of Interest Form (available in early December). Grants are determined each year before the end of April, however funding is not available until after July 15. Grant funds can be expended until June 31 of the following year.


Please click on the following to obtain additional information:

2016 Hope Endowment & CBJ Social Service Application Packet (MS Word Document)
For a PDF version of the application packet click here.

FY2015-2016 Grants Awarded by CBJ (PDF)

Agreement between CBJ and the Juneau Community Foundation for Administration of CBJ Social Services Grants (PDF)

For organizations with current (FY 2016) CBJ SSBG or Utility Waiver grants: The City and Borough of Juneau will continue to oversee all current CBJ SSBG or CBJ Utility Waiver grants. Grantees must continue to meet the CBJ reporting requirements for those grants with the City.