Grantee Stories

Grantee Stories

Empty Chair Project

The Empty Chair Project
Since our acceptance by JCF to act as the depository for our contributions, their help has freed up our time to fundraise and move this project forward. With their institutional support, we’ve reached our goal months ahead of schedule.
Juneau Performing Art Complex
Willoughby Arts Complex
Perserverence Theater and the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council are teaming up as the pARTnership to build and operate together a single, shared, state of the art facility to house both organizations and to provide performance and gallery space for all Juneau’s arts and cultural community to share. The pARTnership is grateful to the Juneau Community Foundation for encouraging and promoting local support of this project, to be built in the Willoughby District and anchor the long-range cultural vision for our town.

“Juneau, Alaska Music Matters is amazing! As a parent, I am so grateful for the community’s support, including organizations like the Juneau Community Foundation that have help fund this program. Through hard work, my child has gained self-confidence, dedication, respect and responsibility. She has also learned how to work together as a team to achieve a goal.”
-Kassie Struble, JAMM Parent





Douglas-Dornan Foundation Fund
“Brian and Whythe immersed themselves into the Juneau community as young adults with giving hearts. What better way to honor their memory than by continuing to support the community I love and call home.”
– Paul Douglas 
John Caouette Cabin
John Caouette Memorial Fund
Throughout his life John gave generously of his time and his love – to his family, friends, neighbors, and community. He was always giving, listening, helping, and caring. When he died in a running accident, we knew we wanted to honor his spirit in a meaningful way. With contributions to the John Caouette Memorial Fund at the Juneau Community Foundation, and lots of in-kind help, we have built a public-use shelter at Twin Lakes. We hope this shelter helps spread the joy John found in the outdoors and reminds us to laugh and play together.
-John’s Family and Friends
“Without a doubt, Juneau is very fortunate to have the Juneau Community Foundation. Because the needs are great. Because we share a vision. Because together we can change far more lives, and make a bigger difference.”
-Joan O’Keefe, Director of Southeast Alaska Independent Living
SAIL’s mission is to inspire personal independence, serving people of all ages and disabilities.






Discovery Southeast
Discovery Southeast
“The natural history of our region is remarkable and it’s vital that we deepen our understanding and appreciation of our surroundings. Discovery Southeast’s programs are an essential part of our local educational system here in Juneau, not only for our young folks but also for life-long learning at any age.”
Ann and John Symons
Ann and John Symons
One of the wonderful things we have found about living in Juneau is its sense of community. We raised our family here, worked here for 30 years, and have supported our neighbors and friends through good times and bad. We are committed to ensuring Juneau continues to be the place we have known and loved, with a great quality of life that includes arts, culture, and recreation opportunities. That is why we have put the Juneau Community Foundation in our wills.
-Ann and John Symons
Lynn Canal Running Camp
Lynn Canal Running Camp
“With the JCF’s encouragement and financial support, the Lynn Canal Running Camp, now entering its third year, was born as a week-long holistic running camp for teens. Based out Eagle River Methodist Camp, runners make meals, attend diverse workshops, partake in unique Olympic events and enjoy adventure runs through one of the most amazing trail systems in the nation. Juneau and Southeast runners of all abilities gain new friends and adult mentors, growing as individual athletes and team players.”
-Merry Ellefson and Tristan Knutson-Lombardo, Camp Creators and Directors

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