Grants – Hope Endowment and CBJ

Juneau Hope Endowment Fund/CBJ Social Service Grant Program

Juneau Hope Endowment Fund

The Juneau Hope Endowment Fund was established in September 2014 with the intent of supporting 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and government agencies that provide programs and services in the Juneau community to address the following social issues:

Suicide Prevention
Substance Abuse
Mental Health
Relief for Victims of Violence

In 2015, the City & Borough of Juneau started adding their social service block grant funds to the Hope Fund grant program. Annually, the Foundation will award approximately $1.8 million in grants to organizations and agencies that address these social issues. The Foundation seeks to fund the highest priority social service needs in Juneau. As part of the grant making process, the Foundation convenes close to twenty community meetings with local social service providers. The purpose of these meetings is to establish priority needs and to encourage cooperative proposals. In addition, the Foundation utilizes a Professional Advisory Committee to review all proposals and make funding recommendations to the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

CBJ Social Service Grant Funding

The City and Borough of Juneau Social Service Grant Program was established by the CBJ Assembly, which provides annual appropriations to the program. It is anticipated that the Assembly will provide approximately $890,000 for this grant award cycle. These grants are for 501(c)3 non-profit organizations to support services to people in Juneau in these areas:


  1. Access to Health Care (affordable healthcare, insurance coverage)
  2. Suicide Prevention
  3. Substance Abuse (treatment/prevention)
  4. Infants and Toddlers (prenatal care, pediatric care, nutrition)
  5. Seniors (access to healthcare, prescription medicine, mobility, end of life care, adult daycare)
  6. People with Disabilities (access to care, integration into community)


  1. Readiness to Learn (literacy fundamentals for all ages)
  2. Early Elementary Performance (reading, writing)
  3. Success in High School (dropout/graduation rate, disproportionally)
  4. Community Building in Schools (student volunteers, parent engagement)

Income Stability

  1. Access to Employment (access to childcare, quality of care)
  2. Shelter and Housing (supported/transitional housing emergency shelter, cost of living)
  3. Poverty (food, clothing, shelter)
  4. Young Adult Stability (employment, teen pregnancy)
  5. Family Stability (adult/mentor support and availability, domestic violence)


CHANGES for 2021 Juneau Hope Endowment Fund/CBJ Social Service Grant Application Process

This year, we are changing the Hope/CBJ social service fund grant process for 2021. The reasons for this change are to reduce the administrative burden for grantees and grantor; and to focus the Foundation and our advisory committee on the outputs and outcomes of these grants.  After five years of distributing these grants and significant additional contact with grantees this year due to the pandemic, we have a good understanding of community need for certain programs, and can responsibly and reasonably allocate funds to the continuation of specific programs with 2021 grants. This decision results in two different grant processes.


Tier I Grant Process
Eligible Organizations

2021 Grant Program Schedule for organizations listed below that are not proposing significant changes to their 2020 grant funded application (if you are proposing changes you will need to follow the Tier 2 process below):

AWARE, Alaska Legal Services,  4As, Bartlett Regional Hospital Navigator Program, CCS- Bridge/Wrap, Meals on Wheels & Hospice, Family Promise, Facing Foster Care, Gastineau Human Services -JCHH Funds & Substance Use Disorder Programs, Disability Law Center, Juneau Housing First Collaborative, JSD – Elementary Social Workers & Student Food Program, NAMI – Programs, CHOICE & JSPC, Polaris House,  SAIL, SERRC – Adult Education, The Glory Hall, Zach Gordon Youth Center

January 8 by 6:00 p.m. Submit a 2021 project budget (use project budget form found online in the 2021 Grant Application) and no more than a two page explanation of proposed use of grant funds, highlighting any difference from their 2020 use of funds. Please email to [email protected].

January 30 by 6:00 p.m. Submit an interim report on 2020 grant. Click here for the Grant Report Form (MS Word), and here for PDF format. Please email to [email protected].

Early March grant awards will be announced.


Tier II Grant Process
2021 Grant Program Schedule for All Other Organizations

January 8 by 6:00 p.m. Letters of Interest due. Please email your letter of interest and report to [email protected]. Click here for Letter of Interest Packet and Form (MS Word). Click here for PDF.

January 30 by 6:00 p.m. All Interim Reports on 2020 grants due. All organizations must submit an interim grant report in order to be eligible for a 2021 grant. Report should include 2020 grant funded project information and budget through December 2020. Click here for the Grant Report Form (MS Word), and here for PDF format.

Please email to [email protected].

March 5, 2021 by 6:00 p.m. Application deadline. Please email to [email protected]. Applications are required for any applicant not listed above, and any applicant listed above that is substantially changing their project.  Click here for 2021 Grant Application (MS Word). Click here for PDF

Mid – April grant awards will be announced.


General Reporting Requirements

Interim and Final Reports are required on all Juneau Hope Endowment/CBJ Social Service grants. Click here for the Grant Report Form (MS Word), and here for PDF format.

  • Interim Reports for all 2020 grants are due January 30, 2021
  • Final Reports for all 2020 grants are due August 31, 2021
  • Interim Reports for all 2021 grants are due January 30, 2022
  • Final Reports for all 2021 grants are due August 31, 2022


CBJ Utility Waiver Funding

The CBJ Utility Waiver program provides sewer and water utility waivers submitted by local health and social service 501(c)3 non-profit agencies in Juneau that provide transitional overnight accommodations. Organizations applying for this funding have to demonstrate that they have provided these services for at least one year. Grants are determined each year before the end of April, however funding is not available until after July 15. Grant funds can be expended until June 30 of the following year.

Applications due March 5, 2021 by 6:00 p.m. Applications are needed for all CBJ Utility Waiver requests. Please email to [email protected].

Click here for CBJ Utility Waiver Application (MS Word). Click here for PDF.



All grant amounts are dependent on funding available from the Juneau Hope Endowment and City and Borough Social Service grant. Application Form, Budget Form, Interim and Final Report Form, and CBJ Waiver Application can be found at, click on Grants and Scholarships.


Additional Grant Program Information

Hope Endowment/CBJ Social Service/Utility Waiver funds cannot be used for capital projects. There is no set minimum or maximum grant funding level. The Foundation requires potential applicants to submit a letter of interest using the Letter of Interest Form (available in early December). Grants are determined each year before the end of April, however funding is not available until after July 15. Grant funds can be expended until June 31 of the following year.


Grants Awarded

2017 Juneau Hope Endowment Fund/CBJ Social Service Grants

2016 Juneau Hope Endowment Fund/CBJ Social Services Grants (MS Word)

2015 Juneau Hope Endowment Fund Grants (PDF)

FY2015-2016 Grants Awarded by CBJ (PDF)