Jim and Mary Lou King

Jim and Mary Lou King’s family home sits at the edge of the Mendenhall Wetlands—a place of wild beauty that offers a constant reminder of why they live where they have for the past half century.

“There isn’t any place more beautiful than Juneau, in my opinion,” said Mary Lou.

Sharing their deep appreciation for Juneau’s natural beauty has been a lifetime commitment for the Kings. At first, they were motivated by a desire to help their kids explore Juneau’s wilderness. Mary Lou, a former educator, volunteered with the Seaweek
program in local schools for similar reasons.

Jim, an original member of Juneau’s first Parks and Recreation Committee in 1965, has for decades played a key role in the formation of our protected areas and designated parks.

“Nobody was speaking for the parks back then. That was the thing I was most interested in,” he said.

Over the past 50 years, the Kings have made innumerable contributions to enhancing access to Juneau’s wild places, working with community members to make this one of the best things about living here. The Juneau Community Foundation builds on that dynamic force through its Parks, Trails and Recreation Fund.

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“If you get children outside, to recognize and learn about the environment and to appreciate it, that makes us all better caretakers of the world we live in.” — Mary Lou