Kreinheder and Carroll

Jack Kreinheder and Amy Carroll

Jack Kreinheder and Amy Carroll share a passion for Juneau’s trails. “We’re like a lot of people who have stayed here because of the outdoor recreation,” Jack said.

Creating opportunities…

“It’s a real treat to have it all right at our doorstep,” agreed Amy. Avid year-round bikers and runners, Jack and Amy appreciate the fact that everyone has open access to these local trails.

…that anyone can use.

As president of Trail Mix and an active member of the Juneau Freewheelers Cycle Club, Jack helps keep trail running, hiking, skiing, and mountain biking options safe and plentiful. The Juneau Community Foundation’s Parks, Recreation & Trails Field of Interest Fund provides support for projects locals want to pursue, including the Juneau bike map and an Eaglecrest mountain bike trail. In addition, Trail Mix’s Endowment Fund at the Juneau Community Foundation is growing to provide future funding for trail projects.

Listen to Their Story

“Juneau’s world-class trail system provides great, healthy recreation opportunities for everyone. For those of us who have a little money, it’s great if we can help support the trails for everyone.” —Jack Kreinheder