Lois and Marshall Lind

Lois and Marshall Lind’s commitment to philanthropy has been heavily influenced by their work in education, a profession that made them aware of community needs, and of the impact private contributions can have in changing the course of individual lives.

“It’s kind of an automatic thing for us now,” Marshall said.

Lois and Marshall made their home in Juneau when Marshall became Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Education and, later, Chancellor of UAS. Now retired, the Linds feel that the current economic climate makes individual philanthropy even more essential— whether it’s through gifts of money or of time.

“It’s becoming more and more important as both state and federal dollars get tighter and tighter,” said Marshall. “I think private contributions and donations are really important. We’re just happy to be able to help.”

The Linds choose to give through the Juneau Community Foundation because they believe it is in tune with our community and they trust that their donations will be used to address the areas of greatest need.

“Alaska has been very good to us. As we’ve gotten older we feel that we need to give back more than we have in the past,” Lois said.

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“We’ve seen the results, so we’ve always been involved in contributions and, hopefully, we’ll always be able to do that.” — Marshall