Molly, Toby, and Elias Minick

When Elias, Toby, and Molly Minick calculate the profits for their Christmas tree business, 10th Street Trees, the Juneau siblings also tally up their support for a worthy cause. For every tree they sell, they set aside $5 for those in need and donate the sum to a different group every year.

“We vote among ourselves as to which business we give to,” said Elias.

Housing First, a project to provide housing for chronically homeless individuals, benefited from their philanthropy via a donation to the Juneau Community Foundation. During one recent holiday season, their business inspired a boy to buy extra trees and distribute them throughout Juneau for free to those who wanted one.

The Juneau Community Foundation honored the Minick siblings with its Youth Philanthropists of the Year Award for 2015 in recognition of their ongoing commitment to our community. For Molly, the experience of giving back has become all the more rewarding as she has gotten older: “When I was younger, I didn’t really understand it, but, now that I do understand, I really like helping the community.”

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“He bought 20 trees from us and distributed them for free. I thought that was pretty cool because it was like double philanthropy.”