Julie and Peter Neyhart

Introduced to community service through their church, Peter and Julie Neyhart have been working for Juneau since they arrived in 1966. At that time, the capital city was a close-knit town of 10,000, and helping out their neighbors only seemed natural. “You knew most everybody, or seemed to,” recalled Peter. Their philanthropy has always been closely connected to their faith and sense of community.

A lifetime of helping neighbors…

The Neyharts have regularly supported local organizations, including AWARE, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), The Glory Hole, and the Juneau Community Foundation.

…weave a strong community.

The Neyharts’ broad focus on social service organizations reflects the couple’s awareness of the importance of these groups in strengthening the fabric of our town, and a personal interest in addressing those areas of need. Donations to the Juneau Community Foundation’s Social Service Field of Interest Fund endowment help build lasting opportunities for change.

Listen to Their Story

“It might be mental health services, it might be housing—there’s just a great need for more services in those particular areas. One of my personal interests is services for people in need.” —Julie Neyhart