Sally Smith

There is perhaps no better way to invest in the health of our community than to support our youth right from the beginning. Former mayor Sally Smith’s recent donation to Juneau Alaska Music Matters (JAMM) through the Juneau Community Foundation expresses her faith in this program not only to enrich individual lives, but also to help perpetuate good government and strong civic organizations.

“Creative thinking is part of a creative economy. The focus isn’t on kids growing up to be musicians; the focus is on kids growing up to be participants—participants working together, participants in creative development, and good team players and citizens,” Sally said.

Arts-focused youth programs, such as JAMM, build community by creating a level playing field where everyone can participate, regardless of cultural, physical, or economic differences.

By supporting local youth through the Community Foundation, Sally and others are working to create lasting change that will extend beyond their own lifetimes.

The Foundation’s Youth Field of Interest Fund provides an easy way to combine your gift with others to support Juneau’s children and youth.

Listen to Her Story

“The Juneau Community Foundation gives us the opportunity to outlive ourselves— to know that whatever we’ve worked for can continue.”