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The Juneau Community Foundation promotes philanthropy and effectively responds to the needs of our community to create a healthy, safe, and culturally rich environment.

New Foundation Funds. Discovery Southeast Fund. The purpose of this fund shall be to support nature and science education and exploration as the Discovery Southeast board deems necessary to further its mission. Juneau Mental Health Support & Suicide Prevention Fund. A donor advised fund that will provide support for mental health education and programs that assist with suicide prevention. R.J. Gordon & R.T. Wallen Fund for SEACC. This donor advised fund shall provide annual funding to the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council.

Parks, Trails & Recreation Fund. The most recent grant from this fund is $10,000 to the Glacier Valley Rotary Club in support of Riverside Rotary Park improvements, in this case, a larger shelter (Pavilion structure) for this popular and high use neighborhood park and playground. Good projects and partners usually lead to good results. The Foundation wants to do more grant making in support of worthy community projects and organizations such as GVR’s Riverside Rotary Park project. We are actively raising funds for near term projects while at the same time building a community endowment that can generate future grants in support of our trails, neighborhood parks, recreation areas and public use cabins. Learn more.

Congratulations Class of 2021! Hats off to all graduates and their families for reaching this milestone while navigating a pandemic… you made it! And, congratulations to these Juneau students who secured financial aid for post-secondary education through scholarship funds housed at the Foundation: Finn Morley, Virginia Potts, Claire Scott, Raekwon Razor and Jenae Pusich. Each fund has a “giving story” behind them: Alma Harris Scholarship, Simon & Anna Kirk Memorial Scholarship and the Margaret Frans Brady Scholarship. Learn more.


COVID-19 Recovery Grants. Foundation grantmaking from our Community Assistance Fund is helping with recovery. Thanks to your generosity, we have been able to serve the community by providing $250,000 in local COVID response grants. New grants include: $25,000 to help multiple youth activity providers address COVID related expenses as they offer in person activities for kids and $14,000 to fund a second AmeriCorps position, a literacy support assistant who will help students at Harborview or Sayeik Gastineau Elementary School ‘catch up’ on school work missed because of COVID.  Learn more.

Juneau Hope Endowment. The Foundation announces $2.1M in grants for social service providers in the areas of homelessness, food security, substance abuse disorders, domestic violence, suicide prevention, senior care, hospice, mental and physical health, education and income stability. Learn more.

Hilda Dam Cabin – A Gift to the Community. In partnership with Eaglecrest, the Foundation raised the funds and oversaw construction of the Hilda Dam Cabin. “It has been incredibly successful, a really positive thing for Eaglecrest and the community. We wanted to build a first cabin, prove the concept, and hopefully build more. It has exceeded our expectations and will be a community asset cherished for generations to come.” – Dave Scanlan, Eaglecrest GM. Learn more.

Treadwell Ditch Trail Renovation Project. Every dollar donated to this community project was matched 3 to 1 by a grant awarded to the Foundation from the ADF&G. Thank you to all donors who helped us meet the $220,000 cash match requirement! Learn more.

To learn about other Community Projects.

Stories of Local Philanthropy Bing Carillo says yes to volunteering and gets paid with gratitude. Renowned for his behind-the-scenes dedication to our lively arts scene, his contributions of time and expertise in set design and construction, and stage management enhance the many live events we all cherish, like Wearable Arts, Perseverance Theater, Juneau Jazz & Classics, Alaska Folk Festival, and Glitz, to name a few.  “These events are good for the community. That’s what I enjoy. Why not give back? That’s something you should do. I guess that’s the way it is in life: you take in and, at some point, you give back.” Learn more about Bing and other community champions in the 2020 Annual Report.

Kaayistaan–Marie Olson. “How many people dream of what the world is going to be like?” During her 96 years, Marie has spent a lifetime not only dreaming about what the world will be like but helping to shape that world. Marie carries her grandmother’s Tlingit name Kaayistaan and she started the Kaayistaan Alaska Native Studies Scholarship Fund at UAS, which supports annual scholarships for students enrolled in Alaska Native language, arts, or cultural courses through the school’s Alaska Native Studies Program. Learn more about Kaayistaan. Learn more.

Senior Citizen Support Fund. This Fund to support Juneau’s seniors was created by Senior Citizen Support Services, Inc. which transferred its cash assets to the Foundation. “At the rate elders are living longer, and given the fact that soon 25% of Juneau’s population will be over 65, how could we NOT create this fund?” Sioux Douglas, fund advisor explained. Learn more.

More stories of local philanthropy that result in hometown grantmaking here.

The Teal Street Center. For our neighbors who find themselves in need of social services in Juneau, a brighter future will be found inside the walls of the Teal Street Center. The Teal Street Campus will feature wrap-around services and programs by housing multiple organizations that serve people experiencing disabilities, at-risk youth, elders, and low-income community members. Teal Street Center – Nonprofits Collaborating for a Healthy CommunityLearn more.

Youth Equity Fund. With the year-long shut down of most youth activities and camps due to the pandemic, funds were used to help children and families engage in healthy activities. During the first two full years of this partnership with generous individual donors, First Bank, and the Zach Gordon Youth Center, more than 250 low-income students have received scholarship support to participate in local youth activities and camps; 95% were children who were eligible for free and reduced lunch. Learn more.

Individual Artist Awards. The second round of the 2021 Artist Awards program is now open for application. Juneau has long supported, created, and maintained a high degree of artistic diversity, ingenuity, and expression. The Foundation’s Individual Artist Awards, aims to foster local artists. Award recipients thus far include Lily Hope, Erin Heist, Frank Katasse, Annie Bartholomew, Crystal Cudworth, MK MacNaughton, Christina Apathy, and Ben Huff. To apply. Learn more about the Arts Vibrancy Endowment. Photo: Sydney Akagi

Parks, Trails & Recreation Fund. Enhance our trails, revitalize neighborhood parks and recreation areas.

Education Fund. Empower people of all ages, with the skills they need to thrive and flourish.

2020 Annual Report


No matter the size, a gift to the Juneau Community Foundation is a first step in advancing a cause that matters to you. Find out more about how your donation can help create a healthy, safe, and culturally rich environment in our community.