COVID-19 Funds

COVID-19 Response Funds

Funds & Grants

Stay healthy! As Juneau slowly, carefully, reopens aspects of the economy previously shut down, we encourage you to keep doing what you can to stay healthy and help thwart the spread of COVID-19 in our hometown. Please continue to be vigilant about hand washing and social distancing. Thanks to your donations, we are working with funders and partner agencies to respond to local needs, including these recent grants:

  • $10,000 grant to Southeast Alaska Food Bank supporting food purchases and the new mobile food pantry
  • $10,000 grant to Juneau School District’s student food programs
  • $10,000 grant to Juneau’s COVID-19 testing process and the community paramedicine program
  • $6,000 grant to provide free hand sanitizer distribution to individuals in Juneau and outlying communities – thanks to the Alaskan Brewery’s supply chain
  • $5,000 grant to Healing Hand Foundation’s local production of masks for nonprofit organizations and individuals
  • $5,200 grant to support purchase of platforms and tents for the new Thane campground

2020 Community Assistance Fund

The 2020 Community Assistance Fund was established to address widespread immediate and longer term challenges facing our community due to the coronavirus: health, safety, food security, economic issues, and other aspects of making our community whole again and assisting our neighbors. Addressing the outfall of the pandemic will require additional funding in order to respond to needs both today and in the weeks and months ahead. Thank you to initial donors supporting both Juneau and Southeast Alaska.

Glory Hall delivering food to clients in temporary housing

2020 Food Assistance Fund

The 2020 Food Assistance Fund was established to raise funds primarily for the Southeast Alaska Food Bank and making sure folks in Juneau can get food. At the outset of the virus, donations to the Food Bank dropped off as individuals stocked up on food and grocery stores had bare shelves and limited food to donate. In the following weeks, the donations by individuals and by our grocery stores has increased steadily.  The Food Bank still has added expenses from purchasing additional food and providing a new weekly mobile pantry at the Sealaska Building downtown to better meet the food needs of those unable to get to the Food Bank itself.

COVID-19 Response Grants

 $10,000 to Southeast Alaska Food Bank

Food Bank’s mobile distribution at Sealaska

When the Food Bank told us that their food stocks and donations were low, and that they anticipated an increase in demand as those recently unemployed need food assistance, the Juneau Community Foundation offered to help. We quickly established the Food Assistance Fund and started collecting monetary donations to support food purchases by the Food Bank to supplement food distribution to food pantries, to their 34 member organizations, and to individuals. The Foundation will work closely with this frontline partner on the need for and timing of additional grants.

The Foundation lending a hand at this critical time has been huge for us. Their efforts significantly increased community awareness, raised much needed funds, and also dramatically increased cash and food donations coming directly to us” – Dave Lefebvre, Board President, Food Bank

$10,000 to Juneau School District’s Student Food Programs

Juneau School District grab-n-go breakfast and lunch program for students

In response to the coronavirus, the Juneau School District’s student food programs have expanded to feed children seven days a week through their universal breakfast and lunch program, and the recently added, weekend ‘backpack program’. The Foundation will work closely with this frontline partner on the need for and timing of additional grants.

“As a school district, we have embraced our role in supporting students, families and our community in the area of food needs. We are so grateful for the continued role the Juneau Community Foundation has played in our efforts. This donation is incredible evidence of their commitment and support to our community.” – Bridget Weiss, Superintendent, Juneau School District


In consultation with community leaders and other funders, the Foundation will continue to make granting decisions to address priority needs. Your donations will enable us to serve our community in these unprecedented times.

Donations to these COVID-19 Funds, and directly to Juneau nonprofits, are encouraged.

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