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Douglas-Dornan Foundation Fund

A donor-advised fund of the Juneau Community Foundation

Brian Douglas and Wythe Dornan moved to Juneau in late 1989 to pursue their dreams. They married in 1990, and in the few short years they lived in Juneau they became involved in numerous activities in their community. Wythe worked in a pre-school day care center and was very active in NAEYC-SEA. Brian organized an ultimate frisbee club and a home brewers club in Juneau. Brian and Wythe served as foster parents for several native Alaskan children, and they also volunteered at the Glory Hole. Both supported activities to protect the environment.

Upon the death of Brian and Wythe in late 1993, at the ages of 27, the Douglas-Dornan Foundation was established in their honor. The goals of the Foundation are to support organizations dedicated to enhancing the health, education and welfare of individuals living in Southeast Alaska. Grants are awarded to applicants who demonstrate sufficient need for services, equipment, activities, and/or training that support children, youth, elders and/or other special needs groups. Grants are not awarded to individuals seeking college tuition or money to be used exclusively for personal development.

In 2009 the Foundation transferred its assets to a new donor-advised fund at the Juneau Community Foundation, the Douglas-Dornan Foundation Fund. Grants are issued by the Juneau Community Foundation following an application review process by the named Advisors to the Fund consisting of a small group of volunteers including family and close friends. Financial support for the Fund is through donations from the family and other individuals. The Juneau Community Foundation accepts applications for grants and makes awards annually based on the availability of funds, the appropriateness to the objectives of the Fund and the reasonableness and quality of the programs/activities proposed in the applications.

Applications are accepted after April 1 each year, and may be found online or by contacting Paul D. Douglas, Advisor, 3014 Foster Avenue, Juneau, Alaska 99801, Phone (907) 463-3042. Completed applications must be mailed to this address and postmarked no later than June 1. Grants are usually awarded by September 1, and typically range in amounts from $200 to $4,000 per award, and do not exceed $5,000.

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